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3.1 Human Development

Human development approach started in 1980s. It emphasizes on the fact that human should be at the center of all developmental effort. Human development should be the destination and not a mean. UNDP started publishing human development report from 1990. Human development are…

2.9 Poverty and Unemployment

Poverty Main objectives of world bank is poverty alleviation – Awelansen Poverty is a situation where a person cannot meet the need of personal nature and is force to live in a terrible state 25.2% (2010 AD) of population falls under poverty line…

2.8 Economic diplomacy

It is the specific region of contemporary diplomatic activity, connected with the use of economic issues as object and means or combating and collaborating with the international relations. It is the formulation and advancing policies relating  to production, movement or exchange of good,…

2.7 Trade, Market and labor liberalization

Liberalization refers to a relaxation of previous government restrictions usually in such area of social, political and economic policy. In some contexts this process or concepts is often but not always referred to as deregulation. After 1990s  we can see the changes like…

2.6 Technology transfer including Intellectual Property rights

Technology transfer The transfer of new technology from the originator to a secondary user, especially from developed to less developed countries in an attempt to boost their economies. It is a price of transferring skill, knowledge, methods of manufacturing, samples of manufacturing and…

2.5 Foreign Investment: Portfolio and direct

Foreign investment is a flow of capital from one nation to another in exchange for significant ownership stakes in domestic companies or other domestic assets. Typically, foreign investment denotes that foreigners take some-what active role in management as a part or their investment.…

2.4 Foreign assistance and international cooperation

Foreign assistance is given by developed countries and international development organizations to support the economic, sociological and political development of developing countries with ultimate goal of poverty reduction. Can be in the form of loan or grant Can be cash, material or technical…

2.3 Role of Public Sector, Private Sector and cooperative in economic development

sea side

Public Sector Generally, work accomplished by government is called a public sector. It is extended from central government to houses of public. Public sector is responsible of delivering necessary product and services to people.  For e.g. NTC, NEA, NOC etc. Its main objectives…

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