Old Question (Officer level) of Contemporary Issues paper taken on 2075/12/02

Section A

  1. What do you mean by social conflict? Is there any differences between conflict and disputes? Differentiate its nature and scope.
  2. Clearly give your views on “Marginalized group of the state can not be included in the main stream of state affairs without equitable distribution of national resources and means.” Also, mention the equitable justice policy on distribution of resources adopted by government of Nepal.
  3. What is the difference between social justice and equality? Mention the provision of the constitution on Nepal about social justice.

Section B

  1. Mention five sectors which have significant contribution for the economic development of Nepal. What measures would you suggest to get more advantages from these sectors. Write in brief.
  2. “Foreign employment is compulsion of Nepal today, it is not good for economic development in the longrun.” Give your analytical views.

Section C

  1. What are the indicators of human development? Discuss.
  2. Write short notes on (a) Rationale of community based development (b) Sustainable development goals and Nepal
  3. Mention the role of information and communication technology in development process highlighting some important achievements in the sector in Nepal. How can we adopt the information technology in a more effective way? Suggest.

Section D

  1. Highlight the main problems of climate change in Nepal. Write implementable suggestions to overcome these problems?
  2. What is the relation between Environment and Development? Discuss.