Section A

  1. Discuss the area of social mobilization. How the social mobilization can play the supportive role for the social economic transformation of society? describe.
  2. Access the existing  situation of the investigation of anti money laundering in Nepal. Prescribe the immediate and long-term action to be taken to make it effective.
  3. Describe the efforts made by Nepal for the promotion of social justice and equality . What are the possible remedies to make the efforts more result based . 

Section B

  1. Explain economic growth and economic development with examples. How the contribution of industrial sector can be expanded in economic development of Nepal.
  2. What is the  unemployment status in Nepal ? Mention the role of Prime Minister employment program in creating employment and also highlight the strength and weaknesses of the program ? 

Section C

  1. “Development is the collective effort”. Justify this statement and describe the role of the non state actors for the development of Nepal.
  2. Describe the concept of sustainable development. What are the targets that Nepal has set for sustainable forest management,
  3. Citizen involvement in development is main thrust of democracy. How the state can assure citizen involvement in development? Explain.

Section D

  1. Climate change is emerging issue of the world. How the climate change can be managed in the context of Nepal? Explain.
  2. At present, Nepal is in the state of self-reliant in hydro-electricity production. What will be the roadmap for production and consumption strategy ahead? Explain.