Old Question (Officer level) of Governance System paper taken on 2077/09/15

Section A

  1. Introduce and inform on the prevailing legal regime via-a-vis to information. Specify the practical problems that relate to the implementation of right to information in Nepal with your thoughts on solutions.
  2. What do you understand by cooperative governance ? Also discuss how the constitution of Nepal has envisioned the concept of cooperative governance ? 
  3. What do you mean by national security management ? Discuss the challenges and their solution of our national security management in brief . 

Group B

  1. Explain and analyze the “inclusion policy” which is in practice at the political and administrative level of Nepal.
  2. How do constitutional bodies differ from statutory bodies ? Mention the process of appointment in constitutional bodies.

Group C

  1. In the context of universal value of civil service how do you access the values off Nepalese civil service? Give your opinion logically.
  2. Justify that “e-Governance is one of the significant means of good governance”. Also give your opinion on the major achievement so far and challenges observed in the field of e-governance in Nepal.
  3. What do you mean by public service delivery? How to enhance the role of local level in making service delivery accessible easily to the people? Explain.

Group D

  1. Highlight the major assumptions of participative planning. Also comment analytically upon the exercise of participative planning in development process in Nepal.
  2. Why internal audit is necessary to maintain financial discipline? How do you see the relationships between internal and final audit? Give reasons to your answer.