Society is a group of people involved in persistent interpersonal relationship or a large social grouping sharing the same geographical or social territory. Society has people with different religion, sex, caste, ethnicity, culture, tradition. Culture is a complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society.

Social transformation

Social transformation is a change in current social establishment. It is positive move forward. Some social transformation happening right now includes

  • concept of nuclear family, settlement pattern change
  • selective abortion in decline
  • Kamlari, Kamaiya, Hali etc are outlawed
  • Increased awareness of people regarding obtaining higher education, preventive health knowledge etc
  • Increase in awareness of elderly, differently abled, widows etc about their rights

Negative impact of social transformation

  • neglect towards elderly
  • lack of apathy in people
  • digital divide increasing
  • Poverty gap in rise
  • Unplanned urbanization and environmental degradation

Solving problems created by social transformation

  • Increase awareness about family value and social harmony
  • State level programs in necessary
  • Increase moral education from school level
  • Improve education system, healthcare system etc.

Cultural transformation

It is a dynamic process whereby the living cultures of the world are changing and adapting to external or internal forces. Some cultural transformation and Nepal

  • Over expenditure in social activities like marriage is reducing due to public awareness
  • Nepal has adopted Secularism as a backbone for equal treatment
  • Mensturation cycle now being taken as natural process and social taboo about it is in decline
  • Work on increasing social harmony is in rise.

Negative impact of cultural transformation

  • Religion change campaign via financial incentives
  • Dowry system in rise
  • Increasing culture of gambling in name of festivals
  • cultural transformation is not as fast as it suppose to
  • decrease in use of traditional dress
  • Increasing influence of western culture in Nepal

Solving problems created by cultural transformation

  • Increase employment and financial status of people so that they no longer fall under the trap of religion change
  • Organize festival regularly to promote our dress, lifestyle, food.
  • Campaign for public awareness about preserving our culture and tradition
  • Activate institutional mechanism for protection of culture
  • Lesson of our culture/tradition in curriculum from school level
  • Encourage people of the community to promote their own culture
  • Social awareness campaign

Efforts by Nepal to promote social and cultural transformation

  • Secular state, fundamental rights, right against untouchability, equal right to women on ancestral property, positive discrimination
  • System of reservation in civil service
  • social protection to differently abled, widows etc
  • targeted group programs