Social conflict or group conflict occurs when two or more actors oppose each other in social interaction, reciprocally excreting social power in an effort to attain scarce or incompatible goals and prevent the opponent from attaining them. In old view, conflict is taken as counterproductive and should be prevented at any cost but in new context, it is a pragmatic approach which says that conflict is natural. It can even be promoted in some cases.

Reason of conflict

  • Different ideology, need and thoughts leads to conflict
  • Competition on limited resources
  • Lack of communication and management skills
  • Cut in right or encroachment of rights
  • power hungry people, lack of human friendly behavior

Impact of conflict

  • impact on national unity
  • disturbs developmental work
  • increase in theft, murder, violence, dacoit etc.
  • disturbance in social harmony

Managing conflict

  • Enforce prevailing laws
  • bridge information gap
  • address social gap
  • encourage public participation
  • Increase transparency
  • encourage affirmative action
  • improve social justice
  • address conflict at its earliest stage

Conflict is widespread and government structure is not far from it. Government structure suffers from Personal, group and institutional conflicts. Personal conflict includes conflict on facilities, encouragement, responsibility etc. Group conflict in government structure arises in work area, opportunities and growth. Similarly institutional conflict arises in objectives, resources and responsibility.

Resolving conflict in government structures

  • promote participation
  • good information flow
  • Transparency
  • clear work division
  • implement law
  • address conflict of interest and opinion