Old Question (Officer level) of Contemporary Issues paper taken on 2073/12/27

Section A

  1. Give your opinion on needs and importance of social security, protection for senior citizen.
  2. What do you understand about the cyber crime? What measures should be applied to control it.
  3. Analyze the economic and social disparities and marginalization in Nepalese society. Identify the reason of conflict and suggest to control it.

Section B

  1. Differentiate economic growth and economic development and give reasons why Nepal has not yet achieved the developmental goals as expected?
  2. What are the basic principles of co-operative? Discuss about the role of co-operative sector in economic development.

Section C

  1. Infrastructure development plays an important role in economic growth and development of country. Explain key challenges of infrastructure development in the developing countries.
  2. Explain ways and means for promotion of mutual cooperation and partnership among government, private sector and non governmental organizations to the development of the country.
  3. What might be the role of local self governance, keeping people in the center of the development process?

Section D

  1. What do you mean by biodiversity? What are the benefits of it? How can we conserve biodiversity in Nepal?
  2. Explain the concept of “environment friendly development”. Write key challenges on the way to promote of environment friendly development and suggest the ways and means to resolve these challenges.