Old Question (Officer level) of Governance System paper taken on 2071/12/25

Section A

  1. Mention the efforts of decentralization in Nepal and write the characteristics of local self-governance system based on the Local Self Governance Act 1999.
  2. It is said that Nepal’s present governance system is similar to a parliamentary system. Compare our governance system with the characteristics of the parliamentary one.
  3. Why transparency is desirable in the governance system? State the steps taken by Nepal to make the governance system transparent.

Section B

  1. Describing the constitutional development in Nepal, write down the fundamental features of “Interim Constitution of Nepal 2063.
  2. Mention the importance of the citizen awareness in democratic governance system. Clarify the people’s responsibilities in the context of nation building.

Section C

  1. What is e-governance? Briefly comment on the prospective of e-governance in Nepal.
  2. What are the provisions for proper utilization of public funds in Nepal? Illustrate role of morality in utilizing public funds.
  3. “The public service delivery is not effective in Nepal” as complained by general people. What should be done in order to make it effective? Suggest.

Section D

  1. What are the important roles that you consider to be played by public service commission and operating agency to attract talented human resource with higher level of performance?
  2. In the context of participatory planning, evaluate briefly on the reform efforts taken in Nepal.