Old Question (Officer level) of Governance System paper taken on 2072/12/18

Section A

  1. Mention the purpose and principles of United Nation’s Organization (UNO). How far UNO has achieved its purpose? Discuss.
  2. What kind of improvements would be suitable to the present administrative structure for the effectiveness of federal governance system initiated by Nepal? Present your logic.
  3. Whether governance and government are same? Give answer with appropriate illustration.

Section B

  1. Highlight the principles adopted in the existing constitution of Nepal in relation to the preservation and the promotion of democratic norms and values.
  2. Write short notes in (i) Affirmative action (ii) Proportional representation

Section C

  1. “Transparency and accountability are the two main pillars of public service delivery.” Justify the statement.
  2. Mentioning the main causes for the degradation of ethics and morality in the public fund administration in Nepal. Discuss the methods for its remedies.
  3. Write short notes on (i) Characteristics of bureaucracy (ii) E-governance

Section D

  1. Explain the different dimensions of Human Resource Management. Mention the steps involved in acquiring the personnel.
  2. What are the activities involved in the formulation of a plan? Explain.