Old Question (Officer level) of Governance System paper taken on 2075/12/01

Section A

  1. What are the provisions enshrined in the constitution of Nepal to institutionalize multi-level governance? Assess the challenges in course of promoting collaboration between the federal, province and local level governance.
  2. How do you distinguish between efficient governance and effective governance on the basis of governance theory?
  3. What are the legal and policy provisions made to maintain transparency in the public sector of Nepal? Justify its exceptions.

Section B

  1. Describe five major features of the constitution of Nepal. How does rule of law could be established democratic norms and values in governance system of Nepal?
  2. Informing about the institutional and legal provisions of human rights in Nepal. Discuss the inter-relationship between development and human rights. Elucidate.

Section C

  1. What do you mean by ethnics and morality? Does public service charter help to boost up the morality of civil servants?
  2. What is mean by Accountability? What is the necessity and importance of Accountability in Governance?
  3. What is “Red Tapism” of Bureaucracy? Present the ways to reform Bureaucracy in Nepal.

Section D

  1. What are the functions of human resource management? Explain in brief. What are the activities that are done under each of those functions? Mention.
  2. “Public Private Partnership” is considered as means of fast paced development. But it has not been very successful in Nepal. What measures should be applied to improve the existing status of PPP?