Old Question (Officer level) of Governance System paper taken on 2070/12/20

Section A

  1. Give the specific characteristics of governance and show major differences between governance and government.
  2. Explain the necessary reform measures to make Nepalese administrative structure people friendly.
  3. Briefly explain the challenges that hinders the assurance of right to information in Nepal’s current socioeconomic and political situation and also mention the limitations of right to information and transparency.

Section B

  1. Discuss how effective check and balance of power between three main organs of the state has been managed in the Interim constitution of Nepal 2063.
  2. Explain the concept of “rule of law” and evaluate the state of rule of law in Nepal.

Section C

  1. What is “Political Neutrality”? Identify and discuss the present problems regarding its use in Nepalese public management.
  2. Mention the innovative initiatives taken for effective public service delivery in Nepal and review the major problems of public service delivery encountered in order to make it effective.
  3. Shading light on the objectives of “public service charter”. Mention its benefits.

Section D

  1. Mention the characteristics of human resource development and justify the need of Human resource management.
  2. Explain government accounting system and discuss the contribution of this system to financial management in Nepal.