Old Question (Officer level) of Governance System paper taken on 2074/12/25

Section A

  1. What roles can the right to information play to promote transparency for the cause of good governance? Critically analyze the provisions in the constitution of Nepal to ensure right to information.
  2. Discuss the areas of national security management along with the recent provision of national security in Nepal.
  3. What do you understand by entrepreneurial governance? Mention the role and accountability of entrepreneurial governance to promote the effectiveness of government.

Section B

  1. What is the propose of directive principles and policies of the state? Mention the methodology how these directive principles and policies can be applied in the conduct of business of governance?
  2. What is civic sense? Briefly mention the duties and responsibilities of people.

Section C

  1. Highlight on the concept of citizen charter with reference to measures undertaken to scale up the quality of service delivery.
  2. What do you understand by public accountability? What are the factors that you consider are responsible for weakening of public accountability in Nepal? Analyze.
  3. How can the sliding of integrity and morality be managed in the mobilization of public fund? Suggest appropriate and practical measures.

Section D

  1. What are the factors responsible for time overrun and cost overrun of development projects in Nepal? Discuss.
  2. What do you understand by sustain of human resources? Mention the importance of sustain in human resources management also.